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March 4, 2020 - Release notes
March 4, 2020 - Release notes

We are releasing the new iOS app for your operators!

Updated over a week ago

We've been quiet for the past few weeks, but, as you've likely noticed, we just released a major update on the web. Tonight, we are releasing the new iOS app for your operators!

Web Updates:

  • For operators using iPhone devices, we just released our completely rebuilt new app!
    It features a new Offline mode, new user interface, voice notifications, centralized notifications, faster operation, improved reliability, reduced network data usage, and much more.

  • Note: For our Android users, we are currently working on completing the equivalent version for your Operating System!

  • Complete redesign of the Job view pages, with a complete overhaul of the chat system

  • Content tweaks have been made to the Web Tracker to improve overall clarity

  • Import Tool overall performance has been improved

  • Review submission errors have been resolved

  • Tweaks made to the mailing lists set in the Company Settings; reduced from 20 to 10, and added a mailing list that can be set for customer replies to emails sent by our platform

  • Mailing lists can now be individually set to your branches, as well as a customer service number specific to each branch to be displayed on the Web Tracker

  • In the Company Settings, under Security, IP login restrictions can be set at the company level and per staff member via the Manage > Staff update page; IPv4 and IPv6 are supported

  • Fixed issue on the Job view where uploaded images being incorrectly rotated

  • Due to security concerns, inactive web sessions are terminated after 10 hours of inactivity

  • On the Customers page, under the Upcoming Jobs tab, you can now select to view scheduled Jobs up to 8 weeks into the future (including the current week)

  • Performance tweaks were made to significantly improve the general response time of the Public API

  • Via the manual Job creation form, you can now schedule up to a year into the future

  • Minor bug fixes detected via infrastructure monitoring, and user reports

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