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January 17th, 2018 - Release notes
January 17th, 2018 - Release notes

Increase the session timeout set while working in the Route Builder and Editor.

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Increase the session timeout set while working in the Route Builder and Editor so progress is not lost while building routes over a long period of time.

Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency: Exciting Web Updates to Cigo Tracker

At Cigo Tracker, we understand that meticulous planning and careful execution are the cornerstones of an outstanding delivery service. That’s why we are pleased to announce a series of web updates designed to enhance your experience, preserve your hard-earned progress, and streamline your route planning process. Our latest improvements provide you with the tools you need to build and modify routes effortlessly over extended periods.

Extended Session Timeout: Secure Your Progress Uninterruptedly

We have increased the site's session timeout limits within the Route Builder and Editor, a critical update based on your input. Now, you can work on constructing and editing routes without the worry of losing progress, even during longer planning phases. This adjustment in session timeout ensures that your meticulous planning remains intact, backing your complex logistics planning with the reliability it deserves.

Refined Route Building: Seamless Drag and Drop Sorting

Our dedication to a seamless user experience has led us to resolve a sorting issue within the Route Builder’s drag and drop feature. With this fix, you can now sort and structure your routes with precision and ease. The upgraded functionality allows you to reorder stops as necessary, empowering you with complete control over the customization of your deliveries.

Route Editor Tweaks: Enhanced Control and Usability

We have also implemented minor adjustments to the Route Editor to fine-tune the control you have over route adjustments. While these changes might seem subtle, they significantly contribute to a more efficient and error-free route editing process. Every tweak is aimed at creating an uninterrupted and intuitive experience, reinforcing your ability to manage delivery routes effectively.

With these innovative improvements to Cigo Tracker, you're empowered to manage deliveries with unparalleled efficiency and ease. We invite you to explore the new features and experience the difference they make to your delivery management operations.

Your feedback is invaluable, so please let us know how these updates improve your experience with Cigo Tracker.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform and services in response to your valued insights and the ever-changing landscape of delivery management.

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