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What exactly happens during a payout?
What exactly happens during a payout?

If confirmed tips meet the minimum and banking info is valid, the payout transfers. If not, it carries over to the next period.

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Understanding Payout Mechanics in Cigo Pay: From Confirmed Tips to Your Bank

The tips you earn will stay in the Confirmed amount for the upcoming payout if:

  • You haven’t earned enough to meet the eligibility criteria for the current payout.

  • Your account lacks or has invalid banking information.

  • The transaction failed for any other reason.

However, in all other cases, if the payout is successful, the money will be transferred to your bank account. You’ll be able to view the payout transaction in the Payout Transactions section within the Cigo Pay portal.

Note: The minimum amount required to be eligible for payout is $21.50. If your confirmed tips haven't reached this threshold by the payout date, they will roll over to the next payout cycle. Once your earnings meet the minimum requirement, they will be included in the next payout.

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