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Understanding Tip Confirmation with Cigo Pay
Understanding Tip Confirmation with Cigo Pay

Tips need a 1-2 week security review for fraud and chargeback checks before confirming. Check your Wallet page for updates on the status.

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Navigating the Tip Confirmation Process in Your Cigo Pay Wallet

We partner with Stripe, a prominent US-based payment gateway processor. Please note that the funds from tips are not immediately available for disbursement; they undergo a security review for fraud and chargeback prevention. Typically, the processing time for these funds ranges from 1 to 2 weeks from the time of the tip.

On your “My Wallet” page, you’ll find three crucial pieces of information:

  • Authorized amount: This represents tips that have been accumulated but not yet confirmed. These amounts are subject to change until the final review is completed, which includes considerations for customer changes, cancellations, chargebacks, and more.

  • Confirmed amount: The confirmed balance reflects tips that have been thoroughly reviewed and approved. This amount is slated to be paid out on the next scheduled payout date.

  • Next payout: This indicates the date on which the next payout will be issued to your account, provided you have completed all onboarding steps and entered your payout information.

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