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November 22, 2020 - Release notes
November 22, 2020 - Release notes

A new update to get you through this upcoming Black Friday!

Updated over a week ago

A new update to get you through this upcoming Black Friday!

Web Updates:

  • New features for 3PL/Transporter accounts:

    • Organize your Locations in Location Groups

    • Create and manage your own Billing Templates, Billing Groups, and download fleshed out Billing Reports

  • In the 'To Be Dated' page, you can now sort by postal/zip code and by Quick Description

  • Fixed a small number of minor bugs detected by our application monitoring systems

  • The Public API documentation provides more detailed information on the Authentication requirements, and a few request and response descriptions as well as samples were adjusted based on customer feedback

  • Additionally, in the Public API, we adjusted the metrics data in the GET response of Jobs (see: GET Job)

  • For the Import Tool and Public API, scheduled notification settings are now out of BETA! To adjust your settings, navigate to your Settings > Company, then under your Account Configuration, expand and adjust either Import Tool or API

  • In the Web Tracker customization, you can now hide the position of the order in the list of stops that is otherwise displayed to your customer on the Web Tracker

  • We have made some best-effort adjustments to the Spanish translations throughout the platform

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