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June 11, 2019 - Release notes
June 11, 2019 - Release notes

Our latest update targets mainly security and stability improvements.

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Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you will need to update it to the latest version available. We are also discontinuing support for Windows XP due to general security concerns.

Web Updates:

  • Update: Route Builder and Editor show the breakdown stop-by-stop of how much is being loaded on and off vehicles (volume, weight, value)

  • Update: Improve flow of Import Tool to prevent multiple users within the same provider account from uploading CSVs simultaneously (helping further prevent duplicate data)

  • Update: Changes to the Import Tool to prevent the Cloudflare Error 524 from appearing on screen while records are still being processed server-side

  • Update: Introduction of Supervisor accounts to facilitate management for companies requiring multiple provider accounts

  • Integration: Bartender integration allows printing labels for Pending Jobs

  • Security: Prevent brute-force login attempts by implementing Google's Recaptcha V3 on login pages

  • Security: Force login session to be terminated after 10 hours of inactivity to prevent unwanted access

  • Security: Changes to the app backend to further enforce authentication validation

  • Security: Block IP for a given login email if the password to said account was attempted incorrectly 10 times

  • Bug fix: Driver App was very rarely returning stops in the incorrect order

  • Public API: Minor logic fixes and improvements for invalid data types

  • User Experience: Prevent site usage if user is using Internet Explorer (as Cigo is not fully compatible with it)

  • User Experience: Prevent site usage if user has JavaScript disabled (as Cigo is unusable without it)

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