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May 01, 2018 - Release notes
May 01, 2018 - Release notes

Replaced the old 'Create/Edit a Schedule' page with the new 'Planner' page!

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Streamline Your Scheduling with Cigo Tracker's New 'Planner' Page

Cigo Tracker is excited to introduce the revolutionary 'Planner' page, a dynamic replacement for the old 'Create/Edit a Schedule' page. This innovative platform enhancement is designed to deliver a wealth of information and improve the overall management of schedules with efficiency and clarity.

Unveiling the 'Planner' page: A Comprehensive Scheduling Solution

The 'Planner' page represents a quantum leap in delivery scheduling technology. It provides an expansive overview of each schedule, incorporating a detailed map view for route visualization. Additionally, you'll have access to essential information at a glance, including start times and quick links for editing customer details, vehicle allocation, and accessing the Route Plan. This centralized hub transforms the way you prepare for deliveries, combining functionality with visual management tools.

Refined Data Management: Editable Apartment Fields in the Import Tool

In our ongoing efforts to provide you with a more flexible data management experience, the Import Tool now allows for the editing of entries' apartment fields. This update affords you the ability to make adjustments post-import, ensuring your delivery data is both accurate and comprehensive.

Enhanced User Experience: UI Improvements in the Route Builder and Editor

The Route Builder and Editor have received a series of user interface enhancements, improving the ease and intuitiveness of route creation and editing. These improvements are crafted to streamline the planning process, allowing you to focus on crafting optimal routes with reduced complexity.

Route Visualization at its Best: Map Overviews for Each Vehicle

Step 2 of the Route Builder and Editor now showcases a map overview for each vehicle, offering an immediate geographical perspective of planned routes. This visually intuitive feature allows for better spatial planning and vehicle allocation, ensuring a smooth transition from route planning to the execution of deliveries.

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